COBI 2704 Panzer V Panther (1:48) – Speed Build Review

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The Panther is currently one of the last two 1:48 scale models. The proportions go well with the already built tiger. Despite the small size, there are also some details.

Manufacturer: Cobi
Set-Number: 2704
Theme: Military
Release: 2021
Parts: 296
Figures: 0
Age: 8
Building Time ca.: 1 Hours 15 Minutes


The format of these instructions is a little smaller, but the content does not differ from other new assembly instructions. The Panther is built in 75 construction steps, of which only the new parts to be placed are shown in color.


Anyone who has already built smaller tanks knows this construction principle. It is not only used on 1:48 scale models. Panzer I and II are also built this way. Instead of creating a base with plates, we build a layer with one stud width upwards and then place it on the table rotated by 90 degrees. By reversing the construction direction, the hull can be built on this basic construction. The recordings of the rollers only consist of 1×1 round plates. However, since COBI has a high clamping force, there is no need to worry about an impeller falling off.

Of course, at some point we also need a base made of plates on which we can then build everything else. First, however, we still build the sloping rear armor, which is unfortunately a bit unstable.

Most of the details can only be represented by printing on this scale. The tiles with which the hull is clad are of course perfect for this. Now it is the turn of the rollers and tracks. This step differs only slightly from larger models.

The small turret will of course be built with the direction of construction reversed. All around, prints decorate the armor. After the gun has been built and attached, we can put the complete turret on the hull and the model is ready.


You have to consider that hardly any details can be realized on a scale of 1:48. But at least COBI managed to make the model look like a Panzer V Panther. You can recognize typical characteristics and know exactly what you are holding in your hands.

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