Reobrix 55027 – Missile Tank RC + Firing (Speed Build Review)

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There is no real existing model for this model. Instead, it is a purely fictional tank that Reobrix produces under license from a Dutch MOC designer.

Manufacturer: Reobrix
Set-Number: 55027
Theme: Military
Release: 2022
Parts: 1488
Figures: 0
Age: 10
Building Time ca.: 3 Hours

This set was provided to me by MISINI.
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In this model, the engines make the beginning. The first 3 are responsible for the propulsion and the rotation of the launcher. The hull consists largely of technic parts. System components are plugged onto pins and often only have little support with this construction. The construction of the launcher is a bit of a challenge. Many parts are only held by a few pins and gears are on short components that are attached with just one pin. As a result, they are just as mobile as the suspension of the rollers. This ultimately ensures that they keep skipping with cracking noises. Raising and lowering the launcher only worked for a short time and then couldn’t get it to work anymore. The attachments kept falling off and I was about to use superglue.

The technique of plugging in system building blocks with pins is not a really good idea. This may work with decorations here and there, but with load-bearing parts it’s a very shaky construction. The mechanics in the launcher work well so far. However, some of the spring assemblies are not working properly and the red bars will not engage. For most, however, it was more because the chain link inside was at that point. Only one part was really broken. The tracks are really solid and would also cut a fine figure outside. Before that, however, you should remove all the wobbly parts, as they would fall off immediately in the field anyway.


The model is a mixture of Technic and system bricks. Since there is no real model, it is rather uninteresting for collectors. However, it is not really suitable for gaming either, unless you remove all the system building blocks. Otherwise, it would be a nice off-road toy. The Technic construction is robust and the motors powerful.

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