Cobi 2508A Panzer 4 Ausführung F1/G/H – Speed Build Review

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The Panzer 4 from Cobi is the first model that I bought twice and can therefore also compare with the previous version. In this article you can see how this performed and how it differs from the predecessor.

Manufacturer: Cobi
Set-Number: 2508A
Theme: Military
Release: 2019
Parts: 500
Figures: 2
Age: 6
Building Time ca.: 1 Hours 30 Minutes

In the pictures, the new Panzer IV looks very similar to the old model. What immediately stands out, however, is that the additional armor for the sides is no longer available and the small tracks were used. However, the differences are much clearer, as we will see in the later comparison of the two models. But first things first.

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Brick Quality

This section can actually be skipped at Cobi. The pimples are of the usual quality and there were no missing parts in the set. There are no stickers. Both the big bricks and the tiles are all printed.


The building instructions are of course also rebuilt, as you are used to from Cobi. New components are colored and all previous construction steps have been grayed out. A map of the model is also included. Since there are several versions of this model, you have to be careful in the last construction steps. Some steps are only for one model and others for several. The colored tank symbol indicates where the respective construction step is to be used.


In the first step we build the hull of the tank and start with the first assemblies. Since the new model has a different width, this structure differs quite a bit from its predecessor. The engine also found its place in the first phase of construction.

In the second construction phase, we finish off the hull with tiles and take care of the rollers. Experience has shown that this work is somewhat stupid, since only one role after the other is attached. Each receptacle on the hull has 2 rollers at the end. But if you now believe that this work is monotonous, you have not yet linked any tracks. 100 tracks of the small variety have to be processed. In the end, however, I removed a track on each side because the tracks were just too loose for me.

The 3rd and last construction phase deals with the turret and the 3 possible versions. Since this model no longer has side skirts, the difference only relates to the gun and the surrounding turret armor. After a total of 64 construction steps, the Panzer 4 in the H version is completed.

Finally, the two figures are built. Savings were made here too. The previous model still had 3 figures in the set.

In direct comparison, the tank has undergone several changes, not all of which I would call positive. On the one hand there are the smaller tracks, which are a little more fiddly when assembling. So the tank doesn’t look quite as massive anymore, but rolls much better than the version with the large tracks. They still block on a smooth surface. Other models such as the Tiger 1, Jagdtiger or the Panzerjäger Elefant are significantly better. They slide on any surface without the slightest pressure.

If you place both versions side by side, the size difference is immediately apparent. The new 2019 model looks much more delicate. However, the proportions are correct for the tiger, which is now significantly larger both in reality and in the model.


I am a little hesitant as to how I should see the new model. Does it now rank much better in the entire series of German tanks or has it lost a lot of looks? At second glance, I don’t think it’s smaller than that. I have all tank models in a row and now it really matches the other models. The small tracks are not nice, but in this version the big ones simply would not have fit. But what is definitely a real loss is the lack of side panels. This is a characteristic feature that you could have accommodated this version with a few modifications. Of course, as a collector you also have to have this model. But if you only want one or two beautiful tanks in the display case, you should probably look around for a different model.

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