COBI 2713 & 2718 – Panzer II meets Panzer V Panther (Speed Build Review)

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In this article there is again a double pack. The Panzer II is completely new to this series, while the Panther is only a minimal, rather unnecessary upgrade from its predecessor.

Instructions Panzer II


The new Panzer II is really tiny and the hull consists of only a few small plates. Wheels are used for the lower row of rollers. The front and rear are also built separately here, as is known from larger models. A few more tiles, a slope and some details and the hull is ready. The chains are relatively short, but still run surprisingly well on paper.

The turret is hardly worth mentioning and built with just a few building blocks. Since not many parts have really been used so far, there is also a small diorama made of trees and plants. It looks nice in the display case, but I wouldn’t have missed it if it hadn’t been there.


Finally there is a new model and not just a remake or a slightly different version. The little one looks quite cute and there is also a little undergrowth for decoration or for a diorama.

Instructions Panther


The structure of the hull does not differ from that of its predecessor. We build a base plate rotated by 90° with a reversal of the building direction and then cover it with plates. Then the further construction with subsequent tiling takes place. Since there is no difference to the predecessor, the chains run buttery smooth again.

The turret differs significantly from its predecessor and only the barrel was taken over from the old Panther. In the comments of the video, however, many were rather dissatisfied with the form.


This Panther is again a rather unnecessary model, since it hardly differs from its predecessor. So even as a collector you can do without this set and invest the money elsewhere.

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