MODBRIX 9024 – Reichsflugscheibe Haunebu 2.0 (Speed Build Review)

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Even if there is no real prototype behind this set, many associate them with the wonder weapons of the 3rd Reich. In the new edition there were definitely improvements in terms of appearance and stability.

Manufacturer: Modbrix
Set-Number: 9024
Theme: Military
Release: 2021
Parts: 427
Figures: 0
Age: 10
Building Time ca.: 2 Hours


The set has only 427 parts, but even for that the instructions are extremely sparse. Plenty of parts are built into each construction step, so that only 10 pages are required. This time the manual is even free of errors.


In the first construction step, different plates are connected to each other so that they form a stable base. But it wasn’t quite as stable after all. Some plates were not very tight, so they would come off again and again when you tried to get the plates flat. You can also see a clear color difference here. In the following steps you have to look very carefully to see how all the tiles are to be set that are to recreate the craters on the lunar surface. The first object we are building is the entrance to an underground bunker. With the thick steel door and the indicated flag, it looks really chic.

Now we come to the main attraction of this set. The instructions occasionally have a rather inconvenient order and you should switch your mind on. The lower part of the UFO is made from large molded parts, on which details such as feet and guns are then added. The middle section is built in a similar way, but does not contain any details. The cockpit is built separately again and is also given its shape by molded parts. Plenty of stickers are also used here. Even the crosses that were printed on the predecessor are only glued on here.

So that a figure fits into the cockpit, the cover is raised by a 1×2 plate. This results in a clearly visible gap, which makes the whole thing more of a workaround than a construction technique. Finally, we put all the individual parts together and place them on the surface of the moon.


The shape and size of the successor have changed only marginally. But the gray makes a better impression than the old green. The stability has also increased.

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