QuanGuan 100102 – M7B1 “Priest” Howitzer Motor Carriage (Speed Build Review)

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It is easy to see which well-known brand was the model here. Nevertheless, the structure differs significantly and more parts are used to implement more details.

Manufacturer: QuanGuan
Set-Number: 100102
Theme: Military
Release: 2018
Parts: 702
Figures: 3
Age: 10
Building Time ca.: 2 Hours 30 Minutes



The basis of the hull is initially made up of plates that are not connected to one another. We put the mountings for the rollers on this. Only then are the plates connected to one another on the other side. Although there is no interior trim, the hull remains completely hollow, which becomes an issue later on. The drive and guide rollers are built separately and then attached by reversing the direction of construction.

After the hull has reached its final height, it is covered with plates. Here the cavity makes us difficult, as a large plate in the middle only rests on both ends. This allows it to bend heavily. The tiles from QuanGuan are unfortunately of poor quality and require a lot of pressure to be able to be inserted. For this you need a solid surface and not a wobbly plate. So I have to build a stabilization with stones from my grave box and underline the plate. Now the tiles can be put in place relatively easily and the construction of the stern can continue. This is also where the first stickers are used. There is also a sticker on the tiles of the front armor, which I cut through with a cutter so that it does not come off.

After many small details, we build the gun and the pulpit for the machine gun, which gave the howitzer the name Priest. As expected, the chains are of poor quality and only run mediocre. They don’t fall apart, as was the case with other QuanGuan models, but they keep hooking. On the side there are also 2 large stickers that go over several tiles. It was no different with COBI’s earlier model and only the new models are fully printed.


The bricks have a very high clamping force and are therefore sometimes very difficult to insert. In return, this also ensures a very stable model that would also survive a children’s room. Due to the many details, it is a nice display model despite small weaknesses.

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