QuanGuan 100063 – Soviet Medium Tank T-34 (Speed Build Review)

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QuanGuan is known for external similarities to COBI, but this is not always the case. This T-34 is not only bigger, but also has some nice details.

Manufacturer: QuanGuan
Set-Number: 100063
Theme: Military
Release: 2018
Parts: 1113
Figures: 6
Age: 8
Building Time ca.: 3 Hours


The instructions are divided into 4 sections, which are broken down into further sub-steps. Here and there an error has crept in, in which the position of individual components was mixed up. So you shouldn’t be stubbornly building according to instructions.


With plates we create a foundation on which the hull is then built. While the border was easy to set, a hammer would be quite helpful with the gray tiles. The accuracy of fit is anything but good and turning the tiles does not always help. Some have to be pressed onto the plates with brute force and a lot of pressure. The following construction steps are a little easier again. Two seats and some gear levers will be built for the interior. However, there are no fittings with imprints or stickers. The typical engine, which is assembled from molded parts, is used in the rear.

After the lower part of the hull has been completed, it is widened to the side. Countless slopes are used here, giving the tank the required slope. In the following steps we close the hull with 3 separately built covers for the rear, the front and the middle section. Next we turn the tank over and take care of the rollers and chains. Even if the tracks are a bit choppy, they run very well.

In the 4th construction phase 4 tanks are built and placed at the stern. Then it is the turn of the turret. QuanGuan has a few bricks for reversing the construction direction, but usually 1×1 brackets are used in the turret. Then we put the separately built armor on the sides and the stern on this. The gun barrel gets a good stability through the connections via technical pins. As a nice gimmick, the turret has a length of fabric that is rolled up and held by 2 chains. In direct comparison with the current T-34 from COBI, this model is significantly larger. In purely mathematical terms, we come to a scale of 1:24.


The quality of the bricks at QuanGuan usually leaves a lot to be desired. In contrast to various other manufacturers, however, these are not too loose, but sometimes much too tight. In return, however, this ensures good stability. If you can get used to it, you get a pretty nice and detailed model of the T-34.

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