TGL 4016 – PzKpfw VI Tiger I RC (Speed Build Review)

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Of course, the oversized model of the T-34 also includes the matching Tiger I. The motorization is almost identical to that of the Soviet counterpart. In terms of quality, however, the T-34 is superior here.

Manufacturer: TGL
Set-Number: 4016
Theme: Military
Release: 2022
Parts: 2236
Figures: 0
Age: 8
Building Time ca.: 6 Hours



The model is a mixture of Technic and System Bricks. The first construction steps are almost exclusively built with Technic. The entire construction of the hull consists of numerous lift arms and countless pins. A real suspension is used for the rollers, but in the end you don’t notice anything anymore. This is due to the large, extremely thin rollers that simply bend to the side. After the tracks have also been put on, the first test of the remote control can take place. The L engines are powerful and you can really accelerate, which gives the impression of a racing car. It would be quite easy to throttle this with a corresponding gear. The upper part of the hull is built separately and then placed on top of the lower part. This should be held by a few studs, which loosen again and again due to the tension. This tank is definitely not suitable for off-road use.

Finally we build the front apron, the rear and the cover for the battery. Then we can turn to the turret. As with the upper hull, almost exclusively system stones are used here. So if you don’t like to build with Technic, you won’t miss out. However, one could not do without Technic entirely, since the model would be too unstable at this size. Attaching the turret to the hull is a bit difficult. 2 pins have to be maneuvered into the right place. To then counter the turret with 2 axes, a tool such as tweezers or a screwdriver is required. Otherwise you can’t get into the narrow gap.


The remote-controlled tiger is a real chunk and basically very stable. At least if you disregard the upper hull, which is never really tight. As long as you don’t move off-road, that shouldn’t be a problem. You get a lot of good building blocks and building fun for the price.

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