COBI 2571 – E-100 Super Heavy Tank – Limited Edition (Speed Build Review)

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Many have been waiting for this model. Years ago there was already the E-100 tank destroyer and now the super-heavy main battle tank E-100 can also be built.

Manufacturer: COBI
Set-Number: 2571
Theme: Military
Release: 2023
Parts: 1677
Figures: 5
Age: 8
Building Time ca.: 5 Hours



Unlike the Jagdpanzer that was released a few years ago, this model has an interior layout. Since the hull is also a bit shorter and therefore wider, the structure is completely different. In the front area we build a cockpit and in the rear there is an engine that can be partially removed again. The Limited Edition comes with a workshop trolley and a small pedestal on which it can be presented. Already in the second construction phase, the rollers are put on axles and the tracks are pulled on. Despite the size, it needs a little pressure so that they also run on smooth surfaces. The rounded side skirts, front and rear are again built separately.

The turret also gets a complete interior design. However, this consists of only 2 seats and 12 grenades. Anyone who has already built the Maus from COBI will recognize the tower immediately. Here COBI has built the historically correct variant. Only a hull was built from the prototype, on which the tower of the mouse was later placed. There has never been a complete E-100. All add-on parts consist of one layer of plates, which is covered with tiles. The top cover is not easy to remove. If you want to see the inner workings, you need pointed fingers or a tool. In the Limited Edition there are 4 more figures, a printed board, a workshop trolley and a laser-engraved sign. In the normal version you get a small white nameplate instead.


Even if some complain about the turret, it is a successful model. Of course one could have used the turret originally designed for the E-100. But the turret of the Maus used here is historically correct. However, the model is not cheap. Since you can only buy the limited versions directly from COBI, you have to pay around 125 EUR.

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