MouldKing 20002 – Abrams Bridge Layer Tank – RC & fully working – (Speed Build Review)

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This bridge-laying tank is the largest set I’ve built to date. There were models with far more parts, but below were, in contrast to this model, countless small parts.

Manufacturer: Mould King
Set-Number: 20002
Theme: Military
Release: 2022
Parts: 2388
Figures: 0
Age: 10
Building Time ca.: 9 Hours



The size of the model can already be seen in the first construction steps. Numerous plates are lined up and bordered with bricks. Instead of an interior, this space is filled with XL motors, batteries and Technic. The hull is only partially tiled and unlike many other tank models, there are plenty of studs to be seen here. With this set, the focus is clearly on the functions. Counterweights filled with metal are also used inside for this purpose. The chassis gets a real suspension. However, it is not entirely clear to me why this occurs in different strengths. Perhaps this has something to do with the weight distribution when the bridge is extended. The first driving test shows a well adjusted speed. You don’t get a racing car like other RC tank models.

The bridge consists of 2 identical sections. Large components are used almost exclusively. The folding mechanism is not released via gears, but via ropes, for which a stable fishing line is used. To be honest, this construction doesn’t look very reliable and I feared the line would break. But I was taught a lesson. The final test went perfectly. Despite the size, the bridge is effortlessly lifted and laid out. Of course, the tank got to its knees when it picked up the laid bridge, but in the end it mastered that without any problems.


Even the size of the model is impressive. But even more impressive is the function. The laying out and hauling in of the bridge works perfectly. I already had much smaller models where it worked more poorly than well. You get a lot for your money here.

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