Xingbao XB-06049 – Kampfpanzer Leopard I (Speed Build Review)

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The Bundeswehr series from Xingbao is now quite extensive. Of course, the first German battle tank after the Second World War, the Leopard I, on a scale of 1:30 should not be missing.

Manufacturer: Xingbao
Set-Number: XB-06049
Theme: Military
Release: 2020
Parts: 1145
Figures: 0
Age: 10
Building Time ca.: 3 Hours

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Since this model also has an inner workings, we start with large plates that are framed with bricks. After that, a fairly complex engine is built and placed in the rear. Numerous couplings needed for suspension are placed on both sides. A rubber band is hooked onto these, which keeps the rollers under tension. When it comes to chains, Xingbao is very generous. You should link more tracks than would be good. The chains are extremely loose. Only after 2 tracks were removed again did the chains run perfectly. The front was a real challenge. This is impossible to hook. The hinges are just too short and you can only try to get the best possible result.

The hull is almost completely tiled and easily removable covers for the driver’s compartment and the engine are built. The turret consists of a small base construction and many attachments. Xingbao relies more on hinges than on reversing the direction of construction (snot). This allows inclinations to be realised, but it also makes the construction more unstable. The turret does not get an interior and therefore of course no removable cover.


If you disregard small design flaws like the front, the Leopard I is a pretty nice and stable display model. The shapes are quite well done, although the large round moldings at the rear of the turret aren’t the best solution.

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