COBI 5835 – First Flight Edition V-22 Osprey Bell Boeing (Speed Build Review)

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Disappointed fans who didn’t get anything with LEGO® can now obtain the Osprey® in 2 different versions via COBI. I went for the white First Flight Edition.

Manufacturer: COBI
Set-Number: 5835
Theme: Military
Release: 2023
Parts: 1136
Figures: 2
Age: 8
Building Time ca.: 3 Hours 30 Minutes

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The basic structure is similar to most other COBI aircraft. The entire hull is completed in several construction phases. Only very few molded parts are used, which is of course also due to the size of the model. There are side flaps that cover the chassis. However, you cannot drive it in. If you want to present it on the stand with the undercarriage retracted, you have to remove it together with the flaps, which is not so easy with COBI. The resulting holes are then covered with tiles from the spare parts. The entire wing construction is built in one piece.

The two mighty rotors have rotor blades made of molded parts. Both motors are attached via plate modified and are very stable. They tilt easily and hold their position. The set includes 2 minifigures, both of which fit side by side in the cockpit. The large base gets 2 shots that keep the plane stable. The same stand is also used on the Black Hawk. If you choose the gray version, you get a modified loading hatch and have to do without this stand.


The set is not that cheap, but you get a great model that is very stable and offers a lot of building fun. In the white version it looks more like civilian use and you also get a stand.

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