CADA C61005W – WC 10 *RC* – Speed Build Review

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This modern combat helicopter with remote control is one of the latest creations from CADA. For a low price you get a nice kit or an excellent parts dispenser.

Manufacturer: Cada
Set-Number: 61005W
Theme: Military
Release: 2021
Parts: 989
Figures: 0
Age: 10
Building Time ca.: 7 Hours

This model was made available to me by CADA.


There are 2 instructions for the 989 components in this set, on which the 3 construction phases are divided. In the second issue, the options for remote control are described in detail. The actual instructions are very easy to understand. Sections that have already been built are grayed out. In addition, axles and lift arms are shown in their original size so that they can be easily found by hanging them up.


As with many technology models, it is difficult to see at the beginning what should come out in the end. Lots of lift arms are connected by pins and run through with gears. The first engine is used relatively early. This is responsible for both the rotor and the wheels. The rotor is given a kind of centrifugal clutch so that it only turns in one direction.

Shortly after the first motor, the servo motor for the steering and the launching device is used. The battery box is placed directly above it. At this point I was able to test all movement functions. In the next construction steps, the fairing will be built in several separate steps and attached to the hull. The model now also looks like a modern attack helicopter.

The battery box is covered by a large construction that is only attached with 2 pins. With the red button it can be switched on and off so that the cover only has to be removed for charging. This solution works extremely well and the Transclear modules also show whether the box is switched on or not. The entire stern including the tail rotor is built separately and attached to the fuselage. Then only the actual rotor with its 5 rotor blades is missing and the model is ready.


The model is not based on a known attack helicopter, so it will probably have a difficult time in the western market. The remote control is only very rudimentary and of course flying is out of the question. Even if you don’t want to put it on the shelf, it’s still a good part dispenser for black panels and lift arms.

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