COBI 2253 – Blitz 3600 & 7,5cm PAK 40 *Limited Edition* – Speed Build Review

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The Afrika Korps series continues with this little team. Together as a set, however, they are only available in a limited edition. The construction does not differ from the separate standard versions.

Manufacturer: COBI
Set-Number: 2253
Theme: Military
Release: 2021
Parts: 372
Figures: 3
Age: 8
Building Time ca.: 2 Hours 30 Minutes


Instead of a sheet of stickers, we come across a piece of fabric on the first page that will later be used as a tarpaulin for the loading area. Since this is a double set, 2 tabletop cards were printed on the last page. The 372 components are installed in a total of 51 construction steps.


Basically, the structure begins similarly to the predecessor, even if it is on a significantly larger scale. First the body is built and the molded parts for the fenders are attached. Then it is the turn of the engine compartment and the loading area.

In the next few steps we will build the cab and put some moldings such as the grille and the doors. A minifigure cannot be behind the wheel here, as there is neither a seat nor enough space. The loading area does not have any details either. To do this, all side parts can be folded here so that the vehicle can also be used open and without a tarpaulin. Quite interesting construction techniques are used here. After the brackets for the tarpaulin have been built and attached, it is the turn of the 6 tires.

In order to attach the tarpaulin to the loading area, it is clamped between special components. These are then put into other special parts. With the fabric, the truck makes a better impression than if the roof had been built from building blocks. However, I would have used laser-cut fabric here because it no longer frays at the cut edges. Next we build the PAK 40, which is unfortunately quite a shaky construction.

Due to the 1:35 scale, the set fits well with the other vehicles in the Afrika Korps series, but it is very small. You have to forego many details here that the old Opel Blitz had. The minifigures in this set have been shuffled. On the one hand, an old figure was used and then 2 redesigned figures. With these, the feet are plugged in separately. They are also a bit bigger. Since this is the limited edition, there was of course also a certificate and a laser-engraved nameplate.


Viewed from a distance, this set looks very chic. Still, I was a little disappointed with the size. Of course, the scale fits better with the rest of the Afrika Korps series. But the lack of detail in the interior still has a slight aftertaste.

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