COBI 2527 SD.KFZ 121 Panzer II Ausf. F *Afrika Korps* – Speed Build Review

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The Panzer II is the only model that I haven’t owned yet. The new edition from the Afrika Korps is just right. In this review, you can see what differs from most other models in terms of construction.

Manufacturer: Cobi
Set-Number: 2527
Theme: Military
Release: 2020
Parts: 420
Figures: 1
Age: 8
Building Time ca.: 2 Hours 30 Minutes
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Brick Quality

The bricks from COBI have long been at a very high level. There is not much to improve, apart from the clearly visible sprue points. The clutch power is excellent and damaged parts are practically non-existent. The composition of the sets also seems to be perfectly coordinated. I have never had a missing part in any of my many sets. Like many new models, this one is also completely printed. Even the sovereignty badge was printed over several plates. For this purpose, the panels were pre-assembled, printed and packed separately.


Basically, the instructions are structured like all other instructions. Old steps are greyed out and new steps are shown in color. Since this is the Historical Collection, there is again a table top card with the data of the model. At the end of the instructions there is an overview of all components included. The entire hull with all details is installed in the first construction phase. The second section contains only a few parts for the rather small turret. After a total of 59 construction steps, the building fun is already over.


In this model we do not start with the obligatory plates for once. Instead, we start directly with a reversal of the direction of construction and bricks rotated by 90 degrees. This is followed by further bricks, which are covered with a large plate. The first castors are then already installed on this.

In the next steps, we stabilize the whole thing with additional plates and build the front and rear apron, which accommodate further rollers and the drive wheels.

In the following we take care of a lot of decoration and tile the cover until only a few studs are visible. Here we install various printed parts, some of which have been printed over several plates. Of course, this looks much nicer than the otherwise overlapping stickers.

Next up are the tracks and here was a little surprise for me. I have several models that use even the smallest tracks. Nothing rolls even as good as the new Panzer II. Even on slippery surfaces, a simple push is enough and the tracks roll absolutely smoothly. This means that the hull can also be set aside and the tower can be started.

The first part of the turret is a very shaky affair. It keeps falling apart until everything is finally fixed on both sides. After that, however, the turret is very stable and we can put on sunglasses for the driver.


The construction of the new model is very similar to the new Panzer I. The printed parts, many details and smooth tracks make the model a real eye-catcher in the display case. With me it finds its place between the other models of the Afrika Korps.

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