Sluban B0980 – King Tiger + Tank Destroyer 2in1 – PzKpfw VI Tiger II (Speed Build Review)

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This year, Sluban has presented a number of novelties, including this King Tiger. Thanks to 2in1, the Jagdtiger version can also be built with it. A PAK is also included.

Manufacturer: Sluban
Set-Number: B0980
Theme: Military
Release: 2022
Parts: 930
Figures: 4
Age: 8
Building Time ca.: 3 Hours

This set has been sent to me from



The beginning is again quite unspectacular and with a few large plates we create the basis for the hull. 1×4 plates are used, which have to be removed again if you want to build the Jagdtiger later without having to rebuild the entire hull. The rollers are connected with Technic elements and have a fairly large distance from each other. You always have to shake the model a little so that they sit perfectly in the tracks. However, once in position, the tracks run quite well unless used on smooth acrylic.

Before the hull is built over with tiles, the rear is built separately and attached using hinges. The side skirts are built and attached in 2 parts. The technique is quite successful and by angling they adapt perfectly to the shape. Finally, the slanted front is built and attached.

Sluban now has a set of reverse building bricks, so building the turret isn’t all that different from COBI. After the base is created, a series of clip-on elements need to be built. In doing so, Sluban uses different techniques than those used to from COBI.

The actual King Tiger is now ready and we’ll start with the small gun, which is also part of the set. If you want to build the Jagdtiger, you can either do it from scratch or remove the entire turret and most of the hull cover. After that, the Panzerjäger can be built. Unfortunately, all the stickers were missing from my set.


Sluban has improved noticeably, but is still not close to COBI. In addition to the stone quality, there are other aspects that I don’t really like. If you look at the packaging, you can see a rich green and reddish brown. On my model it was more sand green and orange. In addition, all stickers were missing. Since there is not a single print, the model looks quite naked. Even if there have been improvements at Sluban, there is still a lot of room for improvement. After all, the new models are very cheap, as long as you don’t buy them at excessive prices from some local dealers

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