COBI 2712 – Panzer III Ausf. J (Speed Build Review)

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With this model, COBI does not offer us anything really new on a scale of 1:48. Although this is a variant of the Afrika Korps, it doesn’t differ much from the previous two sets.



With a few plates and plenty of 2×2 bricks to reverse the building direction, we start the hull of the small Panzer III. This gives us studs on both sides and we can give the hull height directly. However, the reversal of the construction direction would not have been really necessary at this point, since nothing is stuck on the studs from below. The entire hull is quickly pulled up and the front, rear and side parts are built in several separate construction steps. After that, only tiling is done and the hull is finished.

The track and drive rollers consist of 4 gears and 12 built wheels. Of course, the smallest tracks are used for the chain. It won’t run on my acrylic build plate, but even smooth paper is enough to make the tracks roll perfectly. The tiny turret consists of only a few parts and can be built in just a few minutes. COBI included duplicates of the pre-assembled, printed parts, at least in my set.


No question, the small-scale tank is sleek and quite detailed for its size. But since I already own 2 models of this type, I would have been happy if COBI would bring a completely new vehicle to the market in 1:48. Maybe we’ll get the Maus in this scale at some point.

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