T-34/85 Winter Camouflage – Sluban B0978 (Speed Build Review)

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Sluban has long been known for mediocre quality and mostly fictional models. That has changed drastically with the new sets. The historical models are significantly more detailed and in minifigure scale.

Manufacturer: Sluban
Set-Number: B0978
Theme: Military
Release: 2022
Parts: 518
Figures: 2
Age: 8
Building Time ca.: 2 Hours



The construction of the hull starts with plates of different sizes in the colors tan and white. Numerous hinges are attached to the sides, which are not intended to create an angle, but rather not to impede the casters. These are built in several steps and attached using technology pins. Then the hull can be closed with white plates. This is where the first stickers come into play. There are no prints on this model.

A hatch is installed in the rear, but there is no engine indicated. You look into an empty compartment when the flap is opened. I don’t understand why it isn’t white as well. The same applies to the two barrels on the sides. The dark green makes a mockery of all white camouflage. The small turret gets various moving parts to create the shape. Considering the scale, it’s quite a success. Stickers are also used here. After all, the red star has been cut out so it looks more like a print.

After the gun barrel has also been built and attached, the turret can be placed on the hull. But we’re not done yet. There are still 2 figures to be built, which consist of several individual parts. Clothing, harnesses and knapsacks must be attached, which cannot be done without removing the character’s arms. As a small decoration we finally build a small fence.


Sluban did a really good job with the new T-34. No other manufacturer has dared to use the white camouflage pattern. The level of detail is really good for the size and the price is great when compared to other manufacturers.

This post is also available in Deutsch.

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