Reobrix 33038 – B-2 Bomber – Quick&Dirty! (Speed Build Review)

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With a wingspan of over 70cm, the model is a real beast and you need enough space to set up the bomber. Reobrix has gone a bit overboard with the colors, though.

Manufacturer: Reobrix
Set-Number: 33038
Theme: Military
Release: 2024
Parts: 2063
Figures: 0
Dimensions: 29,5 x 72,9 x 6,5 cm
Scale: n/a
Age: 8
Building Time ca.: 4 Hours

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In the first steps, the middle section of the B-2 bomber is built. Unfortunately, quite a lot of colorful bricks are used here, which still show through when finished. It must have been based on a large model that doesn’t actually build military sets. The other construction steps are quite redundant. It is always built in mirror image.

In some places the fit is not particularly good. However, this is not due to the quality of the bricks but rather to the building techniques. A lot of play is played with reversing the building direction and at the end there is 1mm left over that has to be forced into position. The undercarriage cannot be retracted and has to be removed if you want to display it without it. However, as there is no stand, this is a rather unnecessary feature. At least components are included with which the gaps can be filled. Weapons have also been thought of, plenty in fact. Rockets and bombs have to be built in large numbers. The last step is again quite time-consuming. More than 80 stickers have to be placed, which is not always easy with many lines with bevelled edges. After all, these are stickers that are transferred and then look like prints.


The model is quite well made and, with more than 2000 bricks, the price is also quite interesting. The many colors on the inside are less pleasing, as you can see them at the end. Some people will probably also be annoyed by the stickers, but you have to accept that printing would be very time-consuming and putting it together would be more like a puzzle.

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