Reobrix 33037 – CH-53 SEA STALLION Transport Helicopter (Speed Build Review)

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Reobrix has really put a lot of effort into this model and thanks to its size, molded parts can be largely dispensed with without having to compromise on the shape.

Manufacturer: Reobrix
Set-Number: 33037
Theme: Military
Release: 2023
Parts: 2192
Figures: 0
Dimensions: 76,68 x 58 x 26,8 cm
Scale: 1:35
Age: 8
Building Time ca.: 5 Hours

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We start with the middle area, where there are numerous seats for passengers. After some walls have been raised, the cockpit is built. While the construction is still quite simple, it takes a lot of sensitivity to put it in the right place. The side panel then needs so much pressure that the entire cockpit falls apart again. Here you should have a high tolerance for frustration. The roof is also a good candidate for the next crash. You have no chance of countering from below.

The rest is again rather simple and quite redundant. The tail rotor looks a little strange. I can’t see such a strong tendency in the model. The main rotor does not require any special molded parts. However, it doesn’t really rotate, which is due to the tight ball joint. Since the rotor blades are only hooked, they immediately fall off when you turn the model over to access the fully retractable landing gear.


The model is large and is very close to its original. One or two construction techniques are rather borderline and nerve-wracking. Overall, a nice set with lots of parts at a good price.

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