MouldKing 20009 – Armored Rescue Vehicle (Speed Build Review)

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Fans of Technic building blocks will get their money’s worth here. More than 5500 parts, electrics and pneumatics with numerous functions offer plenty of building fun for many hours.

Manufacturer: Mould King
Set-Number: 20009
Theme: Military
Release: 2022
Parts: 5539
Figures: 0
Age: 14
Building Time ca.: 12 Hours

This set was provided to me by MISINI.



The construction of this monster begins with a test of the pneumatics. This is later installed in the midst of countless anchored Technic parts. An exchange would then be an undertaking of several hours and a lot of nerves. Then it continues with countless pins. The first problems arose with the wheel suspension. The axles could not be pushed in far enough and the tension destroyed a gearbox. However, that could be repaired. Either you use a pipe wrench at this point or you shorten the axles. The body is slowly taking shape and the first shock absorbers are installed.

The set includes several meters of hose in different colors that have to be cut and installed in the model. In some places you can only get to it with difficulty and you need sharp fingers. The electrical system is checked from time to time. The cab is built with a mix of Technic and system bricks. Tiles ensure a smooth finish. There were no real peculiarities in the coming hours. In diligent work, plenty of pins were put into the lift arms and then attached to the vehicle.

After the body has been largely completed and plenty of hoses have been pulled, it is the turn of the crane arm. This can be extended twice and uses ropes for this. These must be of the correct length and fitted tightly, otherwise the technology will not work. This requires a little handicraft work. 250cm of rope is used for the hook. However, I was not able to test it at first because a connection on the battery only worked in one direction. So without further ado I swapped the winch for the hook and was then able to continue. Unfortunately, this defect could not be rectified. Furthermore, a shock absorber was defective. One part wasn’t glued properly and came loose. However, this can be fixed with a little glue. The entire technology works quite well in the end, although the electronics are very, very slow. The model is therefore only suitable for playing to a limited extent. A child has to have a lot of patience when the crane is to be extended. Driving is also done in slow motion. The pneumatics work well, apart from the defective shock absorber. The vehicle can be jacked up and the side supports work as they should.


You have to be an enthusiastic Technic fan if you want to do these 5539 components. The construction takes many hours and is definitely not for beginners. A small error, like a missing gear, will result in several hours of corrective work. In the end, however, everything works as it should, if we disregard 2 important defective components. The price/performance ratio is good and the model can also be used as a parts donor.

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