Xingbao-XB-06047 – Panzerhaubitze 2000 – 155mm Tank Howitzer (Speed Build Review)

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With this set we are looking at the first model from the Bundeswehr series from Xingbao. You keep hearing about poor quality, but the howitzer did surprisingly well in construction, albeit with minor shortcomings.

Manufacturer: Xingbao
Set-Number: XB-06047
Theme: Military
Release: 2020
Parts: 1345
Figures: 0
Age: 10
Building Time ca.: 3 Hours

This set was provided to me by MISINI.



The rollers and suspension are installed right at the beginning. A bit early in my opinion as the construction is unable to withstand the tension of the rubber bands. Larger technic bricks should also have been used here, since the small 1×2 bricks hardly offer any support. Only with the separately built side parts there is sufficient stability in the hull. The rollers should have been left without the small spacers. As a result, the axles cannot be inserted far enough and the wheels keep falling off. The further construction of the hull is quite easy and even the tracks run well after 2 more tracks were integrated on each side. With the 79 tracks required according to the instructions, they were way too tight.

After tiling the hull and building all the removable covers, it’s time for the turret. This is quite massive and has a rather modest interior. A few printed bricks in the cockpit and some grenades are all. The rest is empty. Since many large parts are used, the turret is completed quite quickly. In the last step, only the mighty gun barrel is completed.


Aside from some unnecessary building techniques, the model has become amazingly stable. Only the rollers keep falling off until the end. Anyone who wants to collect Bundeswehr vehicles has no alternative anyway. But you don’t really do anything wrong if you get this model.

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