The Best Online Communities for Military Building Block Enthusiasts

Building blocks are no longer just a children’s toy. Many adults have discovered their passion for these small bricks, especially when it comes to specialized themes like military sets. If you enjoy creating detailed models of tanks, planes, or historical battles, you’re not alone. There are numerous online communities where enthusiasts like you can share, present their creations, and exchange tips and building instructions. In this article, we’ll introduce you to the best online communities for military building block fans.

1. Eurobricks

Eurobricks is one of the largest and most active online communities for building block enthusiasts. Although the platform covers a wide variety of themes, there is a strong and dedicated subgroup focused on military models.

  • Activity: The community is very active, with daily posts and discussions.
  • Content: You’ll find detailed building instructions, model reviews, and discussions about new sets.
  • Highlights: Regular building competitions and special forums for different military eras and vehicles.

2. Brickmania Forum

Brickmania is known for its high-quality, small-batch military sets. The associated forum is a hub for fans of these models.

  • Activity: The community is smaller but very engaged.
  • Content: Focus on Brickmania sets but also general discussions about military building blocks.
  • Highlights: Direct interaction with Brickmania designers and exclusive previews of upcoming sets.

3. Flickr – Lego Military

On Flickr, there is a special group for Lego military models used by fans worldwide to share their creations.

  • Activity: Regular posts and a large number of members.
  • Content: High-quality photos of individual creations and detailed descriptions.
  • Highlights: A great place to find inspiration and connect with other builders.

4. Instagram – #LegoMilitary

Instagram is another excellent platform to showcase your models and discover the work of other enthusiasts.

  • Activity: Thousands of posts under the hashtag #LegoMilitary.
  • Content: Photos and short videos of military building block models.
  • Highlights: Direct interaction through comments and messages, as well as the opportunity to participate in photo challenges.

5. Reddit – r/legomilitary

Reddit offers a dedicated community for Lego military models, providing a mix of discussions, projects, and assistance.

  • Activity: Daily new posts and a growing community.
  • Content: Project showcases, discussions about techniques and sets, as well as Q&A.
  • Highlights: The ability to receive direct feedback and support from other members.

6. YouTube – Military Building Block Channels

On YouTube, you’ll find numerous channels specializing in military building blocks. Here, building instructions, set reviews, and creative projects are showcased.

  • Activity: Regular uploads and a large viewer base.
  • Content: Video instructions, reviews, and tips.
  • Highlights: Visual step-by-step instructions and the ability to comment and ask questions directly to the creators.

7. Facebook Groups

Facebook offers numerous groups dedicated to military building blocks. These groups are often very active and provide a platform for direct exchange.

  • Activity: High activity with daily posts.
  • Content: Photos, building instructions, discussions, and events.
  • Highlights: Direct communication and real-time exchange of tips and tricks.

8. Rebrickable

Rebrickable is a platform where you can find and share building instructions for alternative models (MOCs). There is a variety of military models created by talented builders.

  • Activity: Many new instructions and models are regularly added.
  • Content: Building instructions and parts lists for custom models.
  • Highlights: The ability to upload your own models and rate other creations.

9. Lego Ideas

Lego Ideas is an official platform where fans can submit their own model ideas. While military models are rarely officially supported, there are many projects with military backgrounds that provide inspiration.

  • Activity: Constantly new projects and suggestions.
  • Content: Ideas for new sets and discussions about design and technology.
  • Highlights: The opportunity to support projects and receive feedback from a broad community.

10. Discord Servers

Some military building block communities use Discord for real-time communication and sharing ideas and projects.

  • Activity: High activity and quick responses.
  • Content: Real-time chat, voice channels, and shared files.
  • Highlights: Direct and quick communication, regular events, and challenges.


The world of military building blocks is rich and diverse, and there are many online communities that can help you share and deepen your passion. Whether you’re looking for inspiration, want to present your own projects, or just want to meet like-minded people, these platforms offer everything you need.

Take the time to explore some of these communities and find out which one suits you best. Each community has its own unique features and offers unique opportunities to expand your skills and knowledge. Happy building and networking!

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