COBI 2804 – XXL Size 1:12 Willys Jeep with Trailer (Speed Build Review)

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I have already built the little brothers. In addition to the existing 1:28 and 1:35 sets, there is now also a 1:12 model that at least matches the 8000-piece Tiger 131 in terms of size.

Manufacturer: COBI
Set-Number: 2804
Theme: Military
Release: 2024
Parts: 1580
Figures: 0
Dimensions: 47 x 14 x 15,5 cm
Scale: 1:12
Age: 10
Building Time ca.: 4 Hours

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The lower part of the body is built in 2 stages, which are then combined into one piece. The fenders and door sills are also built separately. The Jeep does not have proper doors, of course. The first highlight is the engine, which is made up of several separate construction steps. A drive shaft is placed on the underside from the engine to the rear wheels. However, it does not have a real function. The engine also needs a proper exhaust system, of course.

The grill and hood are large molded parts. Built from bricks, they would probably be far too bulky even at this scale. The same goes for the windshield, which is also a molded part. The two seats at the front were quite easy to build. The back seat, on the other hand, was quite tricky. This is due to a construction technique that COBI loves and uses in many models. Small C-clamps have to be squeezed into the underside of a tile. That alone is a small task. Then bars have to be clicked into 3 clamps each, which of course caused them all to come loose again.

The machine gun is the next highlight. It is solid and completely built. The result is really impressive. In the next steps, the trailer will be built, which is completely free of studs both from above and below. There are also a few accessories for the loading area at the end.


COBI has put a lot of effort into this model and even thought of a functioning steering system. If the price doesn’t put you off, you’ll get a very nice model that’s also a lot of fun to build.

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