COBI 4825 – Patrol Torpedo Boat PT-109 (Speed Build Review)

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Interior is rather a rarity at COBI. With this torpedo boat, however, you really let off steam. With more than 3700 parts, there was enough left for the interior work including the toilet.

Manufacturer: COBI
Set-Number: 4825
Theme: Military
Release: 2021
Parts: 3726
Figures: 4
Age: 8
Building Time ca.: 12 Hours
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With 3726 components, you need more than just a manual. The total of 768 construction steps are divided into 13 construction phases, which in turn are divided into 3 booklets. These are made in the usual style and rely on grayed out construction steps that make it very easy to set the new parts.


This ship is built from the inside out. First of all, the inner walls and the outer walls are built. This takes place in several individual construction phases. When put together, they already reflect the shape of the ship.

After several trim pieces have been attached to the hull, we start building the underside of the ship. Countless red slopes are used here. Small add-on parts are repeatedly built in separate steps, so that you only have to handle the large fuselage a little. After the fuselage has been completely finished, it is the turn of the interior to be completed. First we build 3 large engines and in the following steps a kitchen, toilet, lounges and bedrooms.

Since the fuselage is ready and the upper part is put on in a modular way, it is already the turn of the stand. This is far more massive than we are used to from other ships. In addition, the ship is also placed at an angle so that the bow points upwards. As the last step on the fuselage, we build the 3 propellers and rudders on the underside. Then we go to the deck.

Normal bricks, which are tilted by 90 degrees, are used so that tiling does not have to be carried out. This allows the shape of the ship to be modeled with slopes without having to reverse the construction direction. Numerous details such as observation towers, oars, machine guns and of course the torpedoes are also used here. These consist partly of molded parts and are also built from stones. As with modular buildings, the entire deck is only fixed in a few places.


This model is the most extensive and detailed from COBI to date. So far, stability has always been the focus and interior fittings have not been used. You can get both here. This ensures long building fun, a great model in the showcase and also a stable play model.

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