COBI 2268 – US Field Hospital *LIMITED EDITION* (Speed Build Review)

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This set is a good example that the limited edition can sometimes be worthwhile. There are not just a few additional figures, but a complete tent on top.

Manufacturer: COBI
Set-Number: 2268
Theme: Military
Release: 2021
Parts: 402
Figures: 2
Age: 8
Building Time ca.: 2 Hours 30 Minutes


Since this is the limited edition, there is of course a certificate in the box. Otherwise there are no differences to normal sets. You will be guided through the construction in 56 steps. The grayed out construction steps make it easy for beginners too.


The ambulance starts this set. Here we first create a basis from COBI’s special tiles, on which the body is then built. The spare wheel must be mounted differently from the rest of the wheels. Otherwise the fender cannot be installed. The red crosses do not consist of stickers or prints. Instead, they are built from bricks, which of course makes sense with the simple shape. The roof is built separately and covered with tiles. These form a large red cross. COBI’s special tiles, which are printed, are once again used on the rear doors.

The entire engine compartment, including the windshield and fenders, is also built separately and attached to the body. Finally, all that remains is to mount the tires and the ambulance is ready. The tent is rather rudimentary and gets walls made of large bricks in the first construction steps. A gray building block is supposed to represent a bench. After 2 rows of bricks and a row of slopes, the side walls are already finished. The back wall is of course a little higher and receives a long plate to which we can then attach the roof.

The two sides of the roof are made of gigantic tiles with the red cross printed on them. A small suggested bucket and a rain barrel offer a simple decoration. Overall, the tent is pretty sparse. After all, there is still a small device for infusions for the doctor. For the figures, COBI used an old and a new version. The paramedic is in one piece, as one is used to. You first have to infect the doctor with his feet, which also makes him a little bigger. As usual with all Limited Editions, the nameplate is a black engraved tile.


If I weren’t a collector, I probably wouldn’t have gotten this limited edition. It gives the impression of a small play set and less of a showcase model. However, it’s a bit too expensive for a playset.

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