COBI 2471 – M26 Pershing – Speed Build Review

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Even if this model is a bit older, it is very nicely implemented, fully printed and extremely stable. Just as you are used to from COBI.

Manufacturer: COBI
Set-Number: 2471
Theme: Military
Release: 2017
Parts: 475
Figures: 2
Age: 8
Building Time ca.: 2 Hours


Despite the 475 components, COBI donated 3 construction phases to this set. A total of only 63 construction steps have to be built.


The M26 is a real old school tank and gets a massive hull made of large plates and large bricks. In this way we can reach a considerable height with just a few stones. Since it is a model from 2017, the well-known molded parts are still used for the engines. After the front and rear have been built and attached, the hull is widened with further plates.

In the next construction steps, tiles are used in abundance to give the tank a smooth look on the surface. Wheels with rubber coating are used as rollers here. Despite the wide chains, they don’t really run perfectly.

The turret has no surprises and is very stable. A massive basic structure made of bricks and a reversal of the direction of construction make it almost indestructible. All that’s missing is the barrel, a few details and the MG.

Before the turret comes into place, we build a massive cover for the engine. This can be folded twice and covers almost the entire rear. The two minifigures only differ marginally in the imprint.


The M26 has not been produced for a long time. As the first US tank that could take on the Tiger, it belongs in every collection.

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