COBI 2574 – Jagdpanther Sd.Kfz. 173 (Speed Build Review)

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It’s been a few years since the last real COBI tank destroyer. A lot of effort was put into the new Jagdpanther and not skimped on many small details.

Manufacturer: COBI
Set-Number: 2574
Theme: Military
Release: 2023
Parts: 950
Figures: 1
Age: 10
Building Time ca.: 3 Hours



Although this model gets an interior, we build a massive hull from several layers of plates and bricks. A built-in motor is plugged into this, which has a powerful effect due to the printed tiles on the sides. The following extensions are sometimes quite fragile and always dissolve into their components. The tracks run well on slippery surfaces, but they always make a cracking sound. They often get caught on the smaller wheel at the stern.

Since a tank destroyer does not have a turret, 4 walls are built that look much more fragile than they actually are. However, it is often difficult to press the bricks correctly, as it is difficult to get under the slopes with your finger. I would have chosen a different assembly order at the rear, since 2 parts can hardly be pressed on. The rear armor kept springing back and I ended up taking it off and then attaching the parts. The gun is really massive and extends well into the tank. In the end, the interior is covered with plates and tiles. Since the cover is not attached to any stud, it can be easily removed.


The Jagdpanther is very detailed and basically very stable. Only a few extensions are very fragile and it is better not to touch anything there. I didn’t want to pay the surcharge for the Limited Edition in this case. For that you get simple side skirts, a stand for the engine and other figures that are not important to me.

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