COBI 2585 – 38cm Sturmmörser / Sturmtiger (Speed Build Review)

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It’s been a while since the last Sturmtiger and COBI has improved significantly in the meantime. You can definitely see that in the new model, which is not only significantly more detailed, but also has an interior.

Manufacturer: COBI
Set-Number: 2585
Theme: Military
Release: 2024
Parts: 1100
Figures: 1
Dimensions: 23 x 13 x 13,5 cm
Scale: 1:28
Age: 10
Building Time ca.: 3 Hours

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Recently, COBI has been using plates for the underside of the hull less and less. Instead, a construction technique is used in which a wall of bricks is laid on its side. This means that the underside is completely free of studs. By reversing the construction direction, plates are then used, which together with large bricks form a massive block. A rudimentary interior and an engine are then built onto this block. Ultimately, these are then framed by plates and tiles.

After the engine cover and roof have been built, it’s time for the rollers and tracks. After that, the Sturmtiger is basically almost finished. Only a few small details such as hoses and the crane for the grenades are still missing. The new mortar consists of a new molded part instead of the usual roller. The set also includes a small nameplate and a minifigure with a wrench.


If you compare this set with the old model, there is a world of difference. The new Sturmtiger is significantly wider and much more detailed. However, the price is also significantly higher. Ultimately, you also get a lot of building fun and an eye-catcher on the shelf.

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