COBI 2488 M46 Patton – Speed Build Review

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The M46 is a somewhat older model from COBI. In this article I show how it performs in terms of brick quality and compared to its predecessor, the M26 Pershing.

Manufacturer: Cobi
Set-Number: 2488
Theme: Military
Release: 2016
Parts: 520
Figures: 2
Age: 8
Building Time ca.: 2 Hours 30 Minutes
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The M46 was one of the first post-war tanks in the Cold War. It was used only in combat in Korea. Through him, the formerly heavy M26 Pershing main battle tank had to accept a downgrading to the medium tank. The great similarity to the M26 is due to the fact that it was converted or upgraded to the M46. Around 800 M26s became 800 M46s.

Brick Quality

You notice the age of the model a little. At first glance, the bricks do not differ from the current ones, but they are felt to be more difficult to press together. However, this may partly be due to the fact that construction techniques have changed in recent years. After all, the tank is completely printed. There are no stickers.


The instructions have not changed in terms of type or scope in recent years. Even back then, the new, colored bricks were placed on greyed out construction sections. Overall, the construction is divided into 3 construction phases and 63 construction steps.


We start again with a large plate, to which we attach smaller ones with large bricks. Then go straight up and the upper rollers are attached. The color change to green brings and the front and rear mounts of the rollers and drive rollers.

With a layer of green plates and bricks we have reached the final height of the hull and start with the cladding. In addition, several plates and plenty of tiles are used. For the front armor, we use a large modified tile with a colored print.

The upper area of the hull is not yet completely finished, but we are still working on the rollers and tracks. For this we pull a rubber tire on 28 rolls. Then you realize that you have a thumb. Unfortunately, the tracks are very tight and runs a bit wobbly. With a little pressure, it also works on smooth surfaces. Another track is not an option as the tracks will then be much too loose. Now we can turn back to the upper part of the hull.

Here we build the large engine cover and attach it to the hull. Now the only thing missing is the turret, which is built like in current models with plenty of reversal of direction.

However, a lot does not have to be built separately. Most bricks are placed directly on the turret. Finally we build the gun and put the finished turret on the hull.


You notice the age of the model a little. Nevertheless, it is still way ahead of most other brick manufacturers like Sluban or Xingbao. Except for Korea, this tank had no use, but it still belongs to the model range. And finally, the construction is also fun.

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