CaDA C61072W – T-34 Tank *RC* (Speed Build Review)

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The existing Tiger is now joined by the T-34 and with it we have the two most important and best-known tanks of World War II in a remote-controlled version.

Manufacturer: CaDA
Set-Number: C61072W
Theme: Military
Release: 2021
Parts: 722
Figures: 0
Age: 8
Building Time ca.: 3 Hours



For a short time we start like a normal model. However, since this T-34 is remote-controlled, the engines are placed quite early. Due to the 1:35 scale, there is only little space and laying the cables is a bit of a challenge. So that the rollers later turn with the chains, they get a rubber ring for better adhesion.

The T-34’s hull is just a thin frame that is a little fragile here and there. A part can fall off again, even though the brick quality is very good. The same applies to all attachments such as front armor and rear.

The turret is completely different from all previous models. A round plate and a large bowl are used as the basis. The interior is also unusually colorful. The side armor is attached with ball joints, which makes alignment a bit difficult. It is better not to really touch the turret. One looks in vain for hatches to open.


The proportions are definitely good and the quality of the bricks is excellent. Due to the construction techniques that you come across again and again with MOCs, the whole thing becomes slightly unstable. I’m not entirely sure who this T-34 is actually intended for. It is not detailed enough for a showcase model and a bit too fragile for a play model.

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