QuanGuan 100066 – King Tiger with interior (Speed Build Review)

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One of the most powerful tanks of World War II should not be missing in any portfolio and QuanGuan has also released a model. It should be obvious that COBI was the great role model here.

Manufacturer: COBI
Set-Number: 100066
Theme: Military
Release: 2018
Parts: 968
Figures: 6
Age: 8
Building Time ca.: 3 Hours


The entire kit consists of 968 components, which are divided into 4 construction phases with 119 construction steps. There are actually 120 steps in the tutorial, but the last one is just a picture of the entire content. As with COBI, old construction steps are grayed out. Current components have color coding on the studs and arrows that reveal the exact placement.


In this model by QuanGuan, plates and modified plates are first placed, which are then covered with large plates and attached. Then it continues with several rows of bricks and plates that surround the hull. The interior remains largely hollow. In the front area we are building 2 seats that give the tank at least a little interior.

After the hull has been built a little higher, it is the turn of the stern. This is formed with 1×1 Modified Plates, which are used to reverse the construction direction. The rear armor can be attached to the hull via hinges and is given its slope. The side skirts, which can be bent several times, are built in a similar way. The final tiling of the hull is a bit of a torment. The tiles have to be turned over and over again so that they even fit. The rollers are almost too easy to attach for that.

There is also a noticeable difference to COBI when it comes to chains. They don’t fit together perfectly, but in the end they still run great. The side skirts get a small edge from below, which can be attached by reversing the construction direction. Now it’s time for the turret. First a small base is built onto which the small 1×1 SNOTs are attached. This is then followed by the separately built side armor.

The cover of the turret is rather simple and does not get a machine gun or an antenna. For this, the barrel starts with a nice fitting. The individual parts of the hull are connected with technic pins and can be easily built. There is a problem with the muzzle brake, however. This would have to have a stud at the end in order to be attached to the barrel. Since there is none there, another technic pin from your own pool must be used to ultimately attach it. With that, the King Tiger is done. Here, too, there is a printed card that can be pushed onto a base. It looks really good on the shelf and you can attach some of the figures here.


Basically, the model looks very good. Even if you think of a COBI clone based on the optics, it is a completely independent building with its own construction techniques. By copying the rollers and chains, however, you ultimately achieve the unmistakable look of a COBI model and have the impression of a copy. The quality of the building blocks is nowhere near that of COBI. The clamping force is very good, but the workmanship is rather less. Again and again you have to rework with a cutter so that a tile can be set at all. If you don’t let that put you off, you can still get a nice and stable model of the King Tiger at a reasonable price.

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