QuanGuan 100061 – Tiger 131 (Speed Build Review)

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The Tiger 131 is a very special Panzerkampfwagen VI that still exists today and has an eventful history. Is this QuanGuan model worthy of the role model?

Manufacturer: QuanGuan
Set-Number: 100061
Theme: Military
Release: 2018
Parts: 1018
Figures: 6
Age: 8
Building Time ca.: 4 Hours


The 1018 components are divided into 3 construction phases. These are in turn divided into 31 construction steps. One does not seem to want to count the third section, however. At least there is no numbering. If you add this, you get 52 construction steps. Old construction steps are grayed out, although this only refers to the main steps. All others are shown in color and with a color coding on the knobs.


In the first step we build a light scaffolding, which is then covered with plates. Front and rear are built separately. Axles are inserted into these two parts, which are used to accommodate the rollers. After the hull has been reinforced with black bricks, it is the turn of the engine. This consists entirely of molded parts.

The front apron is built separately and then attached to the hull. This is now reinforced with plates in tan and another row is built inside to accommodate the tiles that clad the hull. After the upper part of the tub has been completely finished, it is the turn of the rollers and chains.

The castors are very reminiscent of the COBI models. The same applies to the tracks. A short test shows that they run superbly and do not slip even on smooth surfaces. The structures at the rear look very similar to those of COBI, but are significantly less stable. The tub is now completely finished and we can devote ourselves to the turret.

The turret is built with very little building direction reversal and consists primarily of plates. The barrel is very difficult to put together and requires a lot of force. The turret is now finished and can be placed on the tank. A large antenna is the last construction step.


QuanGuan’s Tiger 131 looks very similar to COBI’s, of course, but is built completely differently and is also a little bigger. In terms of quality, however, it does not come close to COBI. Nevertheless, it is a very nice model that you can display in the showcase.

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