QuanGuan 100062 – IS2M Heavy Tank (Speed Build Review)

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With this set, too, QuanGuan took COBI as a great role model. However, the structure is completely different. Nevertheless, this set has to face the qualitative comparison.

Manufacturer: QuanGuan
Set-Number: 100062
Theme: Military
Release: 2018
Parts: 1068
Figures: 6
Age: 8
Building Time ca.: 3 Hours


In the IS-2, 1068 components are divided into 4 construction phases with a total of 35 construction steps. Some people are sure to wonder why there are so few and whether so many components are installed per step. That’s not the case. Sub-steps are used that have further sub-steps. So the 4th construction phase for the turret only has a single construction step. This has 15 substeps for this.


For a change, we don’t start with one layer of small parts with the IS-2, but with 3 large plates. We then put a number of Bricks and Plate Modified on this for the rollers. Before building the hull any further, let’s create a little interior. The driver gets a pretty comfortable looking seat.

After the hull has gained a bit in height, we build the front and the rear in separate construction steps. Here, too, the engine is built from molded parts. The side covers of the hull are also built separately. The rear part is not tiled so that it can be connected to the hull. The front area remains free so that its cover can be removed.

The rear gets a few nice details and then it’s time to tile the hull. Then the front cover can be built, which can be opened and allows a view of the driver. Chains and rollers are copies of COBI, even if their quality is not that good. Nevertheless, they run very smoothly even on smooth surfaces.

In the last step we build the turret. QuanGuan also uses construction direction reversal. However, they only seem to have 1×1 Plate Modified in their portfolio. COBI has all imaginable types of brackets that allow almost any shape. The side armor is built separately and placed on the base of the turret together with the stern. All that’s missing is the barrel and the IS-2 is ready.


I like the look of the model very much. There is also nothing to complain about when it comes to the clamping force. However, the brick quality is rather mixed. Some have to be helped with a cutter and some tiles require a lot of effort. Since the IS-2 is no longer produced by COBI, you inevitably have to switch to this model if you absolutely want to have this type of tank. It doesn’t look so bad on the shelf.

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