TGL T4014 – Gigantic RC & Firing T-34 Medium Battle Tank (Speed Build Review)

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This set is the first from TGL that we feature on this channel. Compared to all other T-34s, this model is gigantic and also has powerful engines that even make it possible to drive off-road.

Manufacturer: TGL
Set-Number: T4014
Theme: Military
Release: 2022
Parts: 2052
Figures: 0
Age: 10
Building Time ca.: 4 Hours

This set was provided to me by MISINI: MISINI Store:



You have to be a real Technic fan to try this model. System stones can only be found in the cladding of the model. The entire interior consists of Technic components. So in the first construction stages you are only busy creating the rough structure and setting plenty of pins. After attaching the chains, it should finally be clear what you are building here. The motors are powerful and easily drive the model off-road while driving through sand and over branches.

Even if the quality of the bricks is excellent, there are problems here and there. But these are more because you should connect components that you cannot reasonably counter. It only works if you disassemble complete parts, assemble them outside and then put them back on the model. In some places it would also be better to change the order of the instructions. The battery is difficult to get into position when the hull is almost finished. The turret tilts slightly at the end, which I couldn’t correct. The mechanism for firing the axes underneath the barrel, which by the way doesn’t move, works only occasionally and mostly jams.


In the end you get a very stable model that you can also take off-road. In addition to the building fun, you also have a good portion of playing fun.

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