Panlos 632005 – T-90 Main Battle Tank (Speed Build Review)

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In terms of quality, this somewhat older model from Panlos can certainly compete with the best on the market. With 1773 components, there is also an ample supply for many small details on the model.

Manufacturer: Panlos
Set-Number: 632005
Theme: Military
Release: 2019
Parts: 1773
Figures: 5
Age: 8
Building Time ca.: 4 Hours 05 Minutes



The beginning is anything but extraordinary. We put some plates again and then connect them to other plates. Then the construction of the hull continues. A lot of white components are built in here, which is a real challenge for the camera. With the usual exposure, no structure can be seen any more and it is necessary to stop down. So that everything is not too dark, you have to play with the light until a healthy mediocrity is found. The actual construction of the hull then takes place very quickly. Since this model also gets an extensive interior design, only walls are built with bricks. Numerous printed parts are used in the cockpit.

At this point, the interior work is largely complete and we cover the hull with plates and tiles. In some places, however, the much thinner doors are used instead of tiles. I don’t like this construction technique at all, because it is only loosely wedged into a grid and always likes to fall off. If the hull is completely covered, it is the turn of the castors. These sit so tightly on the axles that they don’t really roll. But that’s exactly why the chains work perfectly. If they were to rotate, the cross struts raise the tracks again and again and catch them. This has often been the case with other models of this type. Here you simply turn them into a position in which the struts do not interfere and the chains run superbly even on smooth surfaces. However, I used one more track because it was otherwise much too tight for me.

Now we come to a small highlight of the T-90, the engine. This is completely built and has numerous printed parts. We put it in the stern and cover it with a separately built cover that is only inserted and not attached. Now it is the turn of the turret. This is quite large and therefore already has a considerable surface area made of plates. Numerous moving parts such as hatches, flaps and bevelled armor are used.

The turret is flat, but very massive. All add-on parts consist of built-up sections and are not simply released with molded parts. Even the machine gun is fully built. As usual with Panlos, the pipe consists of many different parts. Personally, I don’t like that very much and I would rather have a smoother gun barrel without axle connectors and similar parts. Now the turret just has to be placed on the hull and we’re done. Both the turret and the covers can be easily removed to see the interior. However, I would not call this model a game model.


The quality of the Panlos bricks is excellent and the clamping force is very high. Nevertheless, this model is a bit unstable in some places, which is due to the numerous details. As a game model, you can’t necessarily recommend it. However, it cuts a fine figure in the showcase.

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