Panlos 639010 – Infantry Fighting Vehicle ZBD-04a (Speed Build Review)

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Panlos is undoubtedly one of the underrated brands among the brick manufacturers. They prove it once again with this fully equipped model.

Manufacturer: Panlos
Set-Number: 639010
Theme: Military
Release: 2021
Parts: 1668
Figures: 5
Age: 8
Building Time ca.: 4 Hours 05 Minutes


The instructions come in the usual Panlos style and are divided into 6 construction phases. In these, the 1668 components are divided into a total of 250 construction steps. There are a few more, but they deal with disassembling the model.


Thanks to large plates, we quickly have a considerable area on which we can then build the hull. Before that, however, the devices for the rollers are built, which are realized with technical components. This is followed by some walls and the interior work. This consists not only of various separately built parts, such as the engine, but also of numerous printed parts.

When it comes to chains, Panlos does not rely on a wide version, but rather 2 small chains on each side. This means that 320 tracks have to be linked. Not a really exciting job. Basically, the chains run very well, even if they get stuck every now and then if you don’t have the perfect distance for the gears. The entire armoring with plenty of printed parts is done without any problems. Unfortunately, the molded parts into which the turret will later be embedded are not in order. They are completely warped so that you had to rework yourself with a file. In the end, everything worked out fine, even if it didn’t look nice. I would definitely have these parts sent to me again.

The turret consists of many small details and cannot be built on the table. Since you have to hold it in your hand all the time, every now and then a part comes loose when you want to infect something new. However, this is not due to the quality of the bricks. This, like the clamping force, is excellent.


The model is really nice and, above all, has a complete interior. Only the 2 damaged parts for the turret ensure a clear deduction in the rating. They are too much warped so that they have to be reworked extensively with tools.

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