COBI 2525 Rommel’s Mammoth – Speed Build Review

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For the time being, the last set from COBI’s Afrika Korps series is the captured commando vehicle from Rommel. Many details and even an inner workings are waiting to be built.

Manufacturer: Cobi
Set-Number: 2525
Theme: Military
Release: 2020
Parts: 740
Figures: 3
Age: 8
Building Time ca.: 4 Hours

The rather narrow tanks of the Wehrmacht were not very suitable as command vehicles. The AEC, also called Dorchester, which came from British production, was significantly better. Of the total of 415 vehicles, 2 were captured, which were then used by the Wehrmacht as command vehicles. They were called Max and Moritz, where Max was Rommel’s command vehicle.

Brick Quality

As with all sets from this series, the mammoth was also completely printed. The quality of the building blocks is excellent, so that the drawing of the vehicle can easily be built with plenty of reversal of direction.


This set also includes a tabletop card and a parts list at the end. The rest are as before. Colored components and greyed out construction steps. There are a total of 134 construction steps that have been divided into 3 sections.


First, we build the chassis out of plenty of plates, giving it a high level of stability. Then it goes straight to the interior, which was not left empty here and consists of numerous details.

The side parts are created from separate sections, in which a lot of work has been done to reverse the direction of construction. This is how the command vehicle gets its beautiful, diagonal drawing. Of course there is also a table with seats and a workplace.

It continues with the front and the driver’s cabin. Here, too, we build several separate parts that are put together at the end. Before the privacy hatches are installed, we completely finish the side walls.

Now we come to the roof, which, as you know from Modulars, can be easily removed. It is only held at the corners by a total of 4 studs. Due to the plates, it is stable despite the 3 hatches and does not fall apart when you remove it.

Since we don’t build a tank, of course we also need tires. These are quite large and made of soft rubber. All that’s missing now is the angled snout on which the name Max was printed.

In addition to the antennas, the roof gets a few small details that are only pushed in and not attached. To remove the roof, you have to be able to remove it easily. In addition to a medic and a soldier, the set naturally includes Generalfeldmaschall Rommel, who was called the desert fox.


The set is simply great. Due to the many details, you also have a few hours of construction fun. In addition to the Rommel minifigure, the command car also looks great on the shelf next to the other Afrika Korps models.

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