COBI 2529 Sturmgeschütz III Ausf. D – Speed Build Review

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The new Sturmgeschütz III from COBI is almost the end of the Africa Corps series. This set also offers beautiful details and great construction techniques that make you want more.

Manufacturer: Cobi
Set-Number: 2529
Theme: Military
Release: 2020
Parts: 530
Figures: 2
Age: 8
Building Time ca.: 2 Hours 30 Minutes
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Brick Quality

Even if it now seems boring, the quality of COBI is at a very high level and outshines almost all other alternative terminal block manufacturers. This also includes the fact that COBI is moving away from stickers and printing all of its models.


There is no sticker sheet. For this, the tabletop card jumps to us directly. A total of 91 construction steps must be installed, which were divided into 3 construction phases. The first construction step did not get its own bag with a number, which would not have been necessary and protects the environment. Otherwise everything is as usual. Old construction steps are grayed out and new components are shown in color.


The construction begins with a beautiful 8 x 16 plate in tan. The next levels are built with bricks. A large plate is only used again at the end of the lower hull. The upper small castors and some colored accents are also set in these construction steps.

Before the motor, which is again a molded part, is set, a few plates are used. The next construction steps consist of many small details and the gun, which has little place of movement.

Before the tracks can be put on, 24 rubbers must be put on wheels. This is an almost bigger punishment than knitting track links. The tracks run quite well, but need a little pressure on smooth surfaces. Without rubber wheels, they would work at best on a carpet.

The rear looks really nice with its details. However, the hatch of the engine can no longer be opened without first removing some parts. Finally there is a cool and an evil soldier.


The current Afrika Korps series is almost complete with this model. The Strumgeschütz III is a nice little model with many details.

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