CaDA C61073W – Panther Tank RC (Speed Build Review)

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After the Tiger and T-34, the Panther is the third in the group. While the other two were a little wobbly here and there, this model has come out amazingly stable.

Manufacturer: CaDA
Set-Number: C61073W
Theme: Military
Release: 2022
Parts: 907
Figures: 0
Age: 10
Building Time ca.: 3 Hours



In the first construction steps, almost exclusively technical components are installed. This is the only way to get sufficient stability if you need the entire interior space for the motors and the battery. After these have been installed, the front armor of the hull is created and the front area is tiled.

The cables really need to be routed carefully. Space is minimal and the tiles can only be placed on the hull when everything has been perfectly tucked away. The chains cannot be pulled up either if the cables are not clamped behind the battery box. Since there are no prints and everything was solved with stickers, all rollers must be covered. Of course, you can’t do the obligatory chain test here because the drive is blocked. So the remote control is fitted with batteries and the motors are tested. The panther runs smoothly and slowly purrs over the smooth surface.

The turret contains comparatively few parts. The construction techniques used to achieve the angles of the side armor are interesting here. The rear area is a bit fiddly, but in the end it fits perfectly. Only the last stickers are missing and the panther is ready.


Considering that this little model is fully remote controlled, the shapes are very well done. It is suitable for collectors as well as for children to play with, although parts will certainly fall off from time to time.

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