COBI 4832 – Battleship Yamato – Executive Edition (Speed Build Review)

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Hardly any new edition was so longed for as the Yamato. Now it’s here and has to face comparison with its predecessor.

Manufacturer: COBI
Set-Number: 4832
Theme: Military
Release: 2022
Parts: 2684
Figures: 1
Age: 10
Building Time ca.: 8 Hours



Anyone who has already built the predecessor will hardly notice any innovations in the first construction steps. The big red plates are used again, which serve as the basis for the 3 sections. First up is the rear. This is also completely finished on the underside, making it a bit easier to attach the 4 propellers. Then it’s the turn of the bug, which is also largely completed. Only small details, such as the anchor chains, come at the end. The lateral fuselage parts are again built separately in various steps and then attached. This often requires a lot of pressure, since the slopes on the underside are very tight. Both components are now connected with another red 8×16 plate in the middle.

In the coming construction steps we will only take care of the middle part and strengthen it with several large bricks. Instead of many smaller add-on parts, 2 large side panels are built here and attached with a lot of effort. The bridge is built separately on an 8×16 plate in tan. By far the largest part consists of the turrets of the Yamato. Before this part is completely finished, it is joined to the hull of the ship. Then there are the smaller details and a few masts including the imperial war flag. Now it’s the turn of the 3 main guns, 2 of which will be built identically.

The Yamato is basically almost finished. However, there is still a somewhat ugly task to come. The extra long anchor chains have to be knotted, which is really no fun. Only now do the differences between the Executive Edition come to light. These consist only of the special white aircraft, the Admiral Isoroku Yamamoto and the black nameplates on the base.


The model is great, even if the price is rather astronomical. Unfortunately, COBI has raised prices significantly in general. Compared to its predecessor, there are very few changes. If you already own the predecessor and don’t necessarily want the white admiral and several planes, you won’t really get more than what you already have in the showcase. Otherwise a really great, big battleship with a lot of building fun.

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