COBI 5811A – TOP GUN F-14 A Tomcat (Speed Build Review)

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With every upgrade there are improvements and innovations. Really with everyone? With this model, COBI seems to have forgotten that and re-launched an almost identical model.

Manufacturer: COBI
Set-Number: 5811A
Theme: Military
Release: 2023
Parts: 757
Figures: 2
Age: 8
Building Time ca.: 2 Hours 30 Minutes



Anyone who has already built the first version of this model could almost use the old instructions. Nothing has changed in the construction techniques. Only one or the other plate was replaced by a tile. In the first steps we build the complete fuselage again and then attach the cockpit from molded parts. The rear gets 2 engines and a rod that gets caught on the support in the safety rope.

The wing construction works just as well as its predecessor. Both wings are attached to a knob and then stabilized by a large plate. Basically, the entire construction is comparatively simple. COBI has models that are much more complex. Finally, the obligatory base is built and the “new” model is ready.


The changes to this model are so marginal that it’s absolutely not worth it if you already have the predecessor. It would probably have been even better if COBI had tried to come up with a completely new model and left the predecessor on the market.

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