KAZI KY10000 – M1A2 Abrams MBT – Speed Build Review

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Modern tanks are just as popular as their historical counterparts. With the M1A2, KAZI is launching a terminal block set with one of the most modern battle tanks in the world.

Manufacturer: Kazi / GBL
Set-Number: KY10000
Theme: Military
Release: 2020
Parts: 1463
Figures: 0
Age: 8
Building Time ca.: 4 Hours 05 Minutes

This set was made available to me by yourwobb.com.


There are 2 instructions with this set, as 2 different models can be built from the components included. In terms of style, these instructions are based on COBI and gray out previous construction steps, while new bricks to be set are shown in color. The 1463 studded stones are divided into 6 construction phases.


After a few large plates have been laid as a basis, it continues with very small parts. In some cases, studs even have to be counted. to hit the right spot. The lower part of the tub is a bit more ordinary. Recordings are made for the rollers and reinforced with plates. Next we build the machine and put it in the rear of the hull.

Parts of the front and rear armor are built separately and attached to the hull at an angle. The rollers are fitted with lift arms and then attached to the tub. Tying the tracks here is just as punitive as it is with any other tank. They run reasonably well on a surface that is not too smooth. Since the inner workings are ready, we start to close the hull. For this purpose, separate armoring is built for the upper hull and to cover the rollers.

The large cover for the engine compartment is not just put on over a few studs, but can be opened and closed. On the one hand, this is much more stable and, on the other hand, it releases the interior fittings more quickly and easily. Two massive flaps are built for the stern, which are also very stable and easy to open and close. We are now finished with the hull and can concentrate on the turret.

The turret is built with plenty of slopes and looks very similar to the original. But it could well be a bit bigger. Nevertheless, it is equipped with numerous details and is very stable as a whole. The barrel is also stable and is reinforced with technical axles. However, the black pins are too weak to defy leverage. Only after I wrapped some paper around one was the traction strong enough to hold the barrel in place.

The tank is ready and is now getting a small ruined house to give a diorama the right ambience. There are no special construction techniques or other difficulties here, so this is completed very quickly.


The set makes a good impression and the quality of the bricks is very high. There were no missing parts and the M1A2 is more stable than expected. The set comes with another set of instructions that can be used to build a rather unusual version of the Hummer instead of the Abrams.

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