Panlos 628015 – Tank Transportation w/ Oshkosh Tractor & M1 Abrams (Speed Build Review)

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The new set from Panlos is not only large but also very stable. Both the tractor and the tank on the trailer are detailed and offer a complete interior.

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The basic structure of the chassis initially seems very unstable. However, after it was installed with plates, that changes. The driver’s cab has an interior design and offers space for 4 minifigures. We also build an engine. This can be accessed at any time via a folding hood. The cable winches, which can be used to pull a disabled vehicle onto the trailer, were also considered. The wheels can be steered, but there is no steering. Therefore, when pushed or pulled, they move randomly and keep getting caught.

The trailer is built quickly. Large plates and plenty of tiles are placed on a simple frame made of long bricks. This is also where most stickers are used.

The tank is very detailed and could easily be a standalone set. As with the tractor unit, there is also a complete interior design. This is also easily accessible thanks to removable covers.


The entire model is excellent and comparatively cheap. Quality and stability are really good. The only downside are the many stickers, although Panlos has already shown with other sets that it can also be completely printed.

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