COBI 2272 – Sd.Kfz 10 – Field Kitchen (Speed Build Review)

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An Army Marches On Its Stomach, as the saying goes, and that’s probably what COBI thought of with this field kitchen. With 367 pieces, it’s literally a snack between meals.

Manufacturer: COBI
Set-Number: 2272
Theme: Military
Release: 2022
Parts: 367
Figures: 2
Age: 8
Building Time ca.: 1 Hours 30 Minutes



The beginning of this model is reminiscent of the Panzer 1 and some 1:48 models where the chassis is also built rotated 90 degrees. With some brackets you can continue building upwards while the underside is free of studs. The body is built with many partly printed moldings.

Since this is a half-track vehicle, tires and tracks are used equally. These run surprisingly well, which is rarely the case with vehicles of this type. The windscreen has a nice print. The sand of the desert has settled here.

The field kitchen is built in a few steps. Here, too, various molded parts are used. Finally, a few decorations and the two minifigures have to be built.


If you also like to build something other than tanks, but still want to remain loyal to the military, you will enjoy this small set.

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