Panlos 688003 – Tank Transportation – Truck, Trailer & Tank (Speed Build Review)

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Panlos doesn’t bother with small sets at all. This is also gigantic and does not need to hide in terms of quality. The tank alone would be a large 1/28 scale set.

Manufacturer: Panlos
Set-Number: 688003
Theme: Military
Release: 2022
Parts: 2784
Figures: 4
Age: 10
Building Time ca.: 7 Hours

This set was provided to me by MISINI.




Of course, with such a large model, you have to start with large plates to get a sufficiently stable base. While the hull is being built, the interior is being installed at the same time. The model also receives a self-made machine. The movable rollers and tracks are attached comparatively early. They snag here and there on smooth surfaces, but once you push the tank on slightly rougher surfaces, they run absolutely fine.

Panlos put a lot of effort into the Type 99’s many bevels. Even slight bevels were implemented with hinges. Front and rear as well as the side skirts are built separately in several construction steps and then attached. After some removable covers have been put on, it’s the turrets turn. This is not exactly small and gets a lot of details. All slopes are formed with various hinges and ball joints. This completes the first part of this large model and we can continue with the truck.

A number of Technic Bricks are used for the chassis, which give the whole thing a high level of stability. However, most of the construction steps are used for the cockpit, which has a rich interior. It is only attached with a 2×2 plate over which the entire cab can be folded. However, the engine is a bit annoying here and you need a sure instinct. When unfolding, it also likes to get stuck on the driver’s cab.

The last section deals with the trailer. This initially consists of many small parts, so that one has to fear that it will become very unstable. But after the large plates and numerous printed tiles were attached, it was extremely stable. The connection to the truck consists of various Technic Bricks that can be rotated on the truck. The tank can drive onto the trailer via the attached ramps and the gigantic set is complete.


Although it was a bit shaky in places, the end result is very stable. And that despite the countless details. Since Panlos GoBricks uses bricks, the quality is exceptionally good. At around 85 EUR if you buy directly from China, this model with more than 2700 parts is almost a bargain.

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