Sy 0101 – T-14 Armata (Speed Build Review)

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The T-14 succeeds the T-90 and is therefore of course also a must-have for the collector. Mold King is said to be the producer, which would explain the good stone quality.

Manufacturer: Sembo / Sy
Set-Number: 0101
Theme: Military
Release: 2020
Parts: 1020
Figures: 5
Age: 8
Building Time ca.: 3 Hours


1020 components are divided into 3 construction phases. However, these are not displayed in the instructions. So you don’t necessarily know which section you are currently in. An error has been corrected by adding a small additional printout. In contrast to COBI, Sy does not rely on grayed out construction steps. The borders of the new components are not always very clear. However, intermediate steps are explained in separate pictures and make the construction easier.


We start with a layer of plates on which both system modules and technology modules are placed. We use rubber connectors to create a suspension for the rollers. The rest of the hull is built similarly to what you are used to from other models.

Despite the very good stone quality, this set also has problems. The rear castors are not in line with the rest of the castors. As a result, the chain is only half seated and breaks when you use it. This problem can be temporarily solved with a small modification. However, in the further course of the process, a gearwheel has to be completely removed so that the chains can run and the side armor can be attached. Before the hull is completely covered, an engine is built that can be pushed into the stern without fastening.

To finish the hull, it is now covered with tiles. Here, too, you can tell the good quality of the parts. The tiles are easy to press on and do not build up tension. Two grilles and hatches are used as decoration. Then it’s time to build the turret. This looks very spartan in pictures. In reality, however, numerous details are built in and it is far more complex than it previously appeared.

There is no hatch on the turret. For this he gets a rotating machine gun. The barrel consists mostly of technology, which gives it good stability. The turntable allows the tower to be rotated in small steps and locks into place in each case. However, it cannot be turned completely if you build according to the instructions. The large exit hatch is in the way and needs to be moved. I did not attach the supplied stickers because they go over several tiles.


The model is not perfect and has its quirks. However, the quality of the components is very good and after a short correction of the flaws, the model is significantly better than expected.

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