LesDiy MOC 55320 – Horten H IX (Speed Build Review)

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This model is based on a rather unusual template and represents the Horten Ho 229 or Gotha Go 229 flying wing glider. However, the implementation is a little bumpy.

Manufacturer: LesDiy
Set-Number: 55320
Theme: Military
Release: 2021
Parts: 502
Figures: 0
Age: 12
Building Time ca.: 3 Hours


The instructions for this model are only available as PDF. However, not in the form of a download, but on a supplied USB stick. The presentation reminds me a lot of BlueBrixx Pro models. Sometimes a lot of parts are installed in one step. Nevertheless, with around 500 components, we come to 75 construction steps. It happens again and again that you cannot see where a part has been placed. You often build in the air and have no connection whatsoever to the rest. Beginners are likely to have problems here. In addition, it happens again and again that parts cannot be placed at all without dismantling previous construction steps.


The first step is still pretty easy. But in the next step we are already building in the air. It takes a while for the parts to connect to each other and to the rest of the model. Then there are some construction steps in which the fuselage is built. In order to place the two engine parts, a plate must first be removed.

The tail unit is not only filigree, but also very peculiar. Parts from the world of technology are used that actually do not belong together. The whole construction is accordingly shaky. When parking, one of the wheels constantly turns to one side and the model is crooked. It took a little glue to remedy this. The wings were relatively easy to build, apart from some air connections.

However, they cannot be easily connected to the fuselage. The pins are partially covered by plates and it is impossible to insert them. The wing could only be attached after 5 plates were removed. Actually, the wings should get 2 printed tiles with a cross bar. However, these were not included and so I came up with a total of 32 missing parts. The majority made up 1×2 plates, which are used frequently and were completely missing.


The shape of the glider was made quite well and there is nothing to complain about when it comes to the stone quality. However, the construction techniques are sometimes adventurous and you can hardly believe that the developer ever built his own MOC with real stones.

This post is also available in Deutsch.

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