CaDA C61076W – Tilt Rotor Aircraft (Speed Build Review)

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There was a company who wanted to offer a similar model, but then withdrew it from the range. This shouldn’t happen with CaDA and there is also motorization on top of that.

Manufacturer: Cada
Set-Number: C61076W
Theme: Military
Release: 2021
Parts: 1426
Figures: 2
Age: 8
Building Time ca.: 6 Hours


With 1436 components it makes sense to divide them into several sections. So we have 4 construction phases with a total of 257 construction steps. The fact that there are 2 different instructions is a bit confusing. Actually, you should be able to upgrade the model and thus motorize it. However, it is far from an upgrade. The motors cannot simply be retrofitted. To do this, the complete model must be taken apart again. So there is a manual for manual assembly that comes with the set and one for motorized assembly. I first had to request this from CaDA as a PDF.


With a purely technical model, you initially have to deal with countless pins and lift arms. It takes some time before you realize what you are currently building. I had initially started to build the model without motors. In the end, I wanted to show the engine. However, I quickly realized that this is not even possible. the engines are installed very early and completely anchored in the structure. Although I hadn’t built much yet, I had to take everything apart almost completely to use both engines. Then it went on with new instructions that also contain the engines.

After many small parts, large panels are now used. This will cover the entire fuselage. The battery box is located directly behind the cockpit. In order to be able to switch between the different functions, a switch is installed on both sides. This allows the rotors to be switched on and off as well as tilted. The drive can also be switched on and off here. If you opt for the motorized version, manual operation is no longer possible.

In the last construction phase we build the two rotors, which are then attached to the wings. Basically the mechanism works well and the motors have enough power. However, it looks completely different with the slip clutch in the gear. This repeatedly prevents the two rotors from being erected. Finally, 2 separate feet are built that can be attached to the aircraft via axes. This is my first CaDA set that also contains minifigures. However, these are not soldiers, but rather CaDA employees. At least that’s what the print conveys.


The model is a real chunk and takes up a lot of shelf space. The quality is excellent and there is nothing wrong with the stability. Only the motorization is rather unsightly. You have to decide on a variant at the beginning and get the appropriate instructions. You shouldn’t have to dismantle the entire model for an upgrade.

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