Modbrix 18269007 – WW2 Ruins (Speed Build Review)

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A diorama not only includes vehicles, but also decorative elements such as ruined houses. Modbrix has designed an abundantly shot-up house that fits perfectly with various tank models.

Manufacturer: Modbrix
Set-Number: 18269007
Theme: Military
Release: 2021
Parts: 624
Figures: 1
Age: 8
Building Time ca.: 2 Hours


If you are used to the simple instructions from COBI, you have to take a closer look here. Previous construction steps are not grayed out and do not differ in color from new construction steps. All stones to be replaced are framed with a red line, which requires a close look. Even the printing color does not always give a direct indication of the color of the component. The 624 components are not divided into further sections and are installed in one go in 50 construction steps.


The base of the ruin is formed by 16×16 building panels in a rather yellowish tan. Bricks are then placed on top, usually 1×2. The bricks here always have color deviations, which looks quite authentic in a ruin. However, this could be a problem with another model. Apart from a window and a door, the stones are set quite stoically and the model gains height. A destroyed ceiling gives the house a little more depth.

The middle area with the window was built without twisting to the sides, so everything is quite shaky. Cross-connections would be possible without any problems, which could give the whole thing even more details. I built such connections from various small parts from my grave box and thus stabilized everything. A destroyed roof completes the main building. The tiles are a little scratched, but they can be easily placed, which was almost a relief after my excursion into the QuanGuan models.

In the final steps, the entrance area will also get its small roof and a gutter will be installed next to the door. However, this cannot be built as described in the instructions. In the middle area, the 1 round bricks should be placed in opposite directions. Then, however, they no longer fit into the C-clamps. There is also a little soldier in this set. The minifigure has to be built completely and consists of a head, helmet, torso, 2 arms, 2 hands, 2 legs and a holder for these.


Such decorations should not be missing in a diorama as well as on a shelf. It looks great together with a tank. The stone quality is good so far. However, there are clear color deviations. With the construction techniques, one or the other strut could be built in addition, so that there is more stability.

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